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This House is Haunted

This House is Haunted

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A myriad of macabre manifestations for your tabletop explorations of haunted mansions and the supernatural!

48 Pages of encounters, and tables to add to your already creepy crawl through an old gothic haunt. 

Entries include such monstrous entities as The Gibbering Doll, The Collector, and The Doctor. Also included are d666 Creepy Things, What's Under the Stairs, and What's in the Box, and so much more!

This House is Haunted is full color, and designed to sit on your table as an addition to any TTRPG you're playing. All entries are kept as period generic as possible to fit any era of play, and all stat blocks are written in a generic B/X retroclone format for easy copy/paste to your specific game!

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