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Disaster Tourism Presents: THE TRIPLE FEATURE

Disaster Tourism Presents: THE TRIPLE FEATURE

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The Disaster Tourism TRIPLE FEATURE is HERE!

Re-tellings of our halloween trilogy released last year with new rules, and expanded content are now available.

See them individually, or if you dare, buy into the TRIPLE FEATURE for an ultimate Seasonally roleplaying experience.

Slasher: Extended Cut

Slasher: Extended Cut is an 80s inspired horror game for 4-8 players. Use the rules of this game to guide you and your innocent friends along the road towards a brutal showdown with a merciless killer. 

Paranormal Revisited 

Paranormal Revisited is a collaborative storytelling game between the living and the dead. It is a game for two players who competitively, but collaboratively, create a story about a haunted place, a Vengeful Spirit, and a desperate Ghost Hunter trying to make it big. 


It’s Halloween Night and the only thing stopping you from a huge candy haul is a bunch of no good teenagers, and monsters costuming as Trick or Treaters!

Get your friends, put on your costumes, and fight to get the ultimate score!

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