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Coming Soon: Dead Horse #001

Coming Soon: Dead Horse #001

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The introductory issue to Dead Horse, an anthology of horror, and the macabre.  Featuring the written and artistic works of over thirty creative minds on the topic of Unsettling Horror. 

Dead Horse #001 promises to not only be a useful and exciting addition to your library, but a deep channel of dread to the innermost of your mind.

Dead Horse
is made possible by the crew at Disaster Tourism

Kristian Death: Project Lead, Management, and Publisher

Kristen Denner: Art Direction, and Layout

Christian Sorrell: Editor-in-Chief

Written Contributions From:
David Garrett
S.M. French-Byrne
Exeunt Press
Crab Dominion
Kaden Ramstack
Seth Ian
Adam Muszkiewicz
Reece Erdman
Ewen Macalister
Gabe Rivera
Christian Sorrell
Stella Condrey
Richard Kelley
W.H. Arthur
Junk Food Games
Haunted Picnic
Cat War
Chris Airiau
Moss Powers
Ben Mansky
Cassi Mothwin
Andrea Benning
James Pianka
Novocento Manfredi

Art Contributions From:
Jean Verne
Mark Smith
Rusty Harrington
Sanford Worth
Steve Brute
Tony Jaguar
Kim Holm

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